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Swift Code / BIC Code of Banks in Uruguay

Swift Code is a standard format of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT code is also called Bank Identification Code(BIC Code) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. A SWIFT code is recognized and approved by the International Standards Organization, or ISO, They are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also used the codes for exchanging other messages between them.

Browse SWIFT Code for all banks in Uruguay(Uruguay)

Bank or InstitutionCityBranchSwfit Code
Victor Paullier and CIA Sociedad DE Bolsa S A / VPCOUYM1MontevideoVPCOUYM1
Transamerica Casa Bancaria / TRCAUYM1MontevideoTRCAUYM1
Tpcg Financial Services S A / TPFSUYM1MontevideoTPFSUYM1
Secvaloris SA / SECVUYM1MontevideoSECVUYM1
South Financial Corporation / SFCOUYM1MontevideoSFCOUYM1
Piano International Corp / PMTRUYM1MontevideoPMTRUYM1
Nuevo Banco Comercial S A / COMEUYMMMontevideoCOMEUYMM
Nuevo Banco Comercial S A / COMEUYMMALLMontevideoCOMEUYMMALL
Lloyds TSB Bank / LOYDUYMMMontevideoLOYDUYMM
Leumi Latin America S A / LUMIUYMMMontevideoLUMIUYMM
I F E Banco Roberts S A Uruguay / BACOUYM1MontevideoBACOUYM1
Hapoalim Latin America S A / POALUYMM002Punta DEL EstePOALUYMM002
Hapoalim Latin America S A / POALUYMMMontevideoPOALUYMM
Hapoalim Latin America S A / POALUYMM001MontevideoPOALUYMM001
HSBC Bank Uruguay S A Formerly Republic National Bank of New York Uruguay S A / BLICUYMMMontevideoBLICUYMM
Eurocam SA / CBEUUYM10MEMontevideoCBEUUYM10ME
Exprinter Uruguay S A / ECBUUYMMMontevideoECBUUYMM
Eurocam SA / CBEUUYM10MGMontevideoCBEUUYM10MG
Eurocam SA / CBEUUYM1MontevideoCBEUUYM1
Deutsche Bank Uruguay S A I F E / DEUTUYM1MontevideoDEUTUYM1
Discount Bank Latin America / DBLAUYMMMontevideoDBLAUYMM
Credit Uruguay Banco S A Credit Agricole Group / AGRIUYMMMontevideoAGRIUYMM
Chase Manhattan Investments S A / CHMIUYM1MontevideoCHMIUYM1