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Swift Code / BIC Code of Banks in Portugal

Swift Code is a standard format of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT code is also called Bank Identification Code(BIC Code) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. A SWIFT code is recognized and approved by the International Standards Organization, or ISO, They are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also used the codes for exchanging other messages between them.

Browse SWIFT Code for all banks in Portugal(Portugal)

Bank or InstitutionCityBranchSwfit Code
Zurich Companhia DE Seguros S A / ZURIPTPLLisbonZURIPTPL
Universo Banco Directo / UVBDPTP1PortoUVBDPTP1
Samsung Electronica Portugal / SECTPTP1LisbonSECTPTP1
Samsung Electronica Portugal / SECTPTP14E0LisbonSECTPTP14E0
Societa Gestora DO Fundo DE Pensoes / SGFEPTP1LisbonSGFEPTP1
Santander Asset Management Sociedade Gestora DE Fundos DE Investimento Mobiliario S A / SAGCPTP1LisbonSAGCPTP1
Sibs Sociedade Interbancaria DE Servicos S A / SISRPTP1LisbonSISRPTP1
Royal Bank of Scotland PLC Sucursal EM Portugal / RBOSPTP1LisbonRBOSPTP1
Rheinhyp Rheinische Hypothenkenbank / RHRHPTP1LisbonRHRHPTP1
Paulo Lopes and Lopes LDA / PLLAPTP1PombalPLLAPTP1
Pexsettle / PEXSPTP1LisbonPEXSPTP1
Orey Valores Sociedade Corretora S A / OVSCPTP1LisbonOVSCPTP1
OMI Clear Sociedade DE Compensacao DE Mercados DE Energia S A / OMICPTPLLisbonOMICPTPL
OMI Clear Sociedade DE Compensacao DE Mercados DE Energia S A / OMICPTPLASALisbonOMICPTPLASA
OK2DEAL Sociedade Corretora S A / OKCOPTP1PortoOKCOPTP1
Mello Valores Sociedade Financeira DE Corrretagem SA / MELLPTP1LisbonMELLPTP1
M G Gestao DE Activos Financeiros Sociedade Gestora DE Fundos DE Investimento Mobiliario S A / GAFSPTP1LisbonGAFSPTP1
Miillennium BCP Gestao DE Fundos DE Investimento SA / MBGFPTP1LisbonMBGFPTP1
Montepio Geral Caixa Economica / MPIOPTPLLisbonMPIOPTPL
Montepio Geral Caixa Economica / MPIOPTPLTITAlgesMPIOPTPLTIT
Monte DE Piedad Y Caja General DE Ahorros DE Badajoz Sucursal EM Portugal / MPCGPTP1LisbonMPCGPTP1
L J Carregosa / CAOEPTP1PortoCAOEPTP1