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Swift Code / BIC Code of Banks in Oman

Swift Code is a standard format of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT code is also called Bank Identification Code(BIC Code) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. A SWIFT code is recognized and approved by the International Standards Organization, or ISO, They are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also used the codes for exchanging other messages between them.

Browse SWIFT Code for all banks in Oman(Oman)

Bank or InstitutionCityBranchSwfit Code
Vision Investment Services CO S A O C / VISIOMR1RuwiVISIOMR1
Vision Securities Company / VSCLOMR1MuscatVSCLOMR1
United Securities L L C / USECOMR1RuwiUSECOMR1
State Bank of India Muscat Oman / SBINOMRMuscatSBINOMR
State General Reserve Fund Ministry of Finance / SGRFOMRMuscatSGRFOMR
Standard Chartered Bank / SCBLOMRMuscatSCBLOMR
Qatar National Bank / QNBAOMRMuscatQNBAOMR
Oman International Development and Investment Company Saog / OIDIOMR1RuwiOIDIOMR1
Oman Arab Bank Saoc / OMABOMRURuwiOMABOMRU
Oman Investments Services Saoc / OISOOMR1RuwiOISOOMR1
Oman International Bank S A O G / OIBAOMMMuscatOIBAOMM
Oman United Exchange CO / OMUEOMR1MuscatOMUEOMR1
Oman Security Portfolio CO Saog / OSPOOMR1RuwiOSPOOMR1
Oman Banking Corp / BOGUOMR1RuwiBOGUOMR1
Oman and Emirates Investment Holding CO Saog / OMEMOMR1RuwiOMEMOMR1
Oman and UAE Exchange Centre CO / OUAEOMRURuwiOUAEOMRU
National Securities Company Saog / NASGOMR1AL Harthy ComplexNASGOMR1
National Bank of Oman / NBOMOMRXTSSMuscatNBOMOMRXTSS
National Bank of Oman / NBOMOMRMuscatNBOMOMR
National Bank of ABU Dhabi Oman Main / NBADOMRMuscatNBADOMR
Muscat Securities Market / XMUSOMM1MuscatXMUSOMM1
Ministry of Finance / MINIOMRUMuscatMINIOMRU
Middle East Brokerage Company / MEBCOMR1RuwiMEBCOMR1
Muscat Depository and Securities Registration CO Saoc / MDSROMR1RuwiMDSROMR1
Industrial Bank of Oman Saog / IBOOOMR1MuscatIBOOOMR1