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Swift Code / BIC Code of Banks in Malawi

Swift Code is a standard format of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT code is also called Bank Identification Code(BIC Code) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. A SWIFT code is recognized and approved by the International Standards Organization, or ISO, They are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also used the codes for exchanging other messages between them.

Browse SWIFT Code for all banks in Malawi(Malawi)

Bank or InstitutionCityBranchSwfit Code
Trust Securities / TRETMWM1BlantyreTRETMWM1
Standard Bank Limited Malawi / SBICMWMBlantyreSBICMWM
Stockbrokers Malawi / SBMWMWM1BlantyreSBMWMWM1
Reserve Bank of Malawi / RBMAMWMWLilongweRBMAMWMW
Opportunity International Bank of Malawi / OPILMWMWLilongweOPILMWMW
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW007LilongweNBMAMWMW007
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW004LimbeNBMAMWMW004
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW005LimbeNBMAMWMW005
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW002BlantyreNBMAMWMW002
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW003ChichiriNBMAMWMW003
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW001BlantyreNBMAMWMW001
Nedbank Malawi / NEDMMWMWBlantyreNEDMMWMW
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW008LilongweNBMAMWMW008
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMW044BlantyreNBMAMWMW044
National Bank of Malawi / NBMAMWMWBlantyreNBMAMWMW
Malawi Stock Exchange / XMSWMWM1BlantyreXMSWMWM1
Malawi Savings Bank / MSBLMWMWBlantyreMSBLMWMW
Loita Investment Bank / LOIIMWMWBlantyreLOIIMWMW
International Commercial Bank Malawi / ICBMMWMWBlantyreICBMMWMW
First Merchant Bank LTD Malawi / FMERMWMWBlantyreFMERMWMW
Fincom Bank of Malawi Limited Fincom / FIMWMWM1BlantyreFIMWMWM1
Finance Bank Malawi / FMALMWM1BlantyreFMALMWM1