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Domestic Bank Codes

Some countries also implement domestic bank code or clearing system to transfer money within their own border. Examples are, Routing Number in United States (??USA??), Routing Number or Transit Number in Canada, Sort Codes in United Kingdom (??UK??), National Sort Codes (NSC) in Ireland, Bankleitzahl (??BLZ Codes??) in Germany, Bankleitzahl (??BLZ Codes??) in Austria, Bankenclearing-Nummer (??BC??) & SIX Interbank Clearing Codes (??SIC??) in Switzerland, Code Banque & Code Guichet In France, Codice ABI (??ABI??) & Codice di Avviamento Bancario (??CAB Code??) in Italy, Bank State Branch (BSB number) in Australia, Bank State Branch (BSB number) in New Zealand and Indian Financial System Code (??IFSC Code??) in India.


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